What's in the package?

Every job undertaken by CP Imagined is conducted in accordance with our CAA-approved operations manual.  There are a number of things that will happen prior to a shoot to ensure that we operate legally, efficiently and responsibly.  These include:

  • A pre-site inspection using online satellite imagery;
  • Liaising with air traffic control (NATS), local police/fire/council and nearby businesses/home-owners if required;
  • Weather and NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) checks;
  • A detailed on-site survey using a CAA-approved form;
  • A risk-mitigation strategy; and
  • Setting up of appropriate cordons for take-off and landing.

All this is done before our drones leave the ground.  We story-board every shoot to maximise efficiency on site.  Planning and two hours of editing work are included as part of the quoted price.


What's involved in editing?

Our in-house editing process is as follows:

  1. Source background music that suits the project (normally done in consultation with the client);
  2. Import, encode and sort through raw footage to refine clip selection;
  3. Match clips to the footage and "cut it in";
  4. Apply subtle video transition effects if and as appropriate (normally either a fade with manually-set duration or plain cut);
  5. Colour-grade the assembled footage;
  6. Apply text graphics if and as appropriate; and
  7. Export the edited product.

If voice-over work is required this is something we can organise externally, or simply pass the edited product to you so that you can use someone of your choosing.  There is an additional charge to cover voice-over work (agreed to on a case by case basis).


Guideline Rates

We will make every effort to match reasonable quotations from other licenced service providers.

We do our best to quote according to the guidelines below.  However, please be advised that every job is unique and there may be times when we need to adjust our quotation accordingly.  Our guideline rates are the same irrespective of the type of work.  Additional charges may apply when specific equipment is required.


Aerial Footage

Hourly: 90 pounds (pro rata up to three hours i.e. 270 pounds)

Half day (Four hours on site): 320 pounds

Full day (Eight hours on site): 590 pounds

Editing: Two hours editing included.  Editing beyond two hours is charged at 30 pounds per hour.

Jobs beyond eight hours will be charged pro rata at the full day rate.

Our minimum charge for all jobs is two hours at the hourly rate to cover planning and editing (i.e. all jobs will be charged at a minimum of 180 pounds).

We do not charge VAT.


Ground-based Footage

Quoted on a case-by-case basis as the filming and editing workloads can vary dramatically between jobs.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we may quote accurately and competitively.


Aerial Footage and Ground-based Footage (photography and/or videography)

Where required we have the ability to film both aerial imagery at the same time as capturing ground shots using a dedicated ground-based film team.

Additionally, some jobs will require two drone operators for the one drone - one operating as pilot and the other operating the drone's camera.  We have the Inspire series, specifically designed for this task. A bespoke quote will be provided on request.


Travel rates:

Car: 50 pence per mile outside of a 20 mile radius of Loughton, Essex

Rail or Air: Return economy trip to be paid for by client

Accommodation: 100 pounds per night



We understand that situations can arise where a client is not in a position to move ahead with a confirmed booking.  We ask to be notified of cancellation at least 14 days in advance of a shoot as we normally would have booked accommodation, made travel arrangements and started liaising with interested parties by this time.  To cover our time spent on these things, we require a 20 percent cancellation fee to be paid for cancellations within 14 to 7 days of a shoot and a 50 percent fee to be paid if the cancellation is made within 7 days of a shoot.  For cancellation within 48 hours of a shoot the full fee is payable.  A different cancellation policy applies to weddings.  Please inquire.